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How to build a barrier rope

The design of a barrier rope fence is both for decorative purposes and to mark your home/garden/commercial premises to dissuade foot traffic on various parts of your lawn or premises so that the rope is not only attractive but acts as a barrier rope.

You might choose to drill holes through the fence posts to run the rope, or you might connect the rope onto the posts to give it more of a nautical flair (we have some great decking rope fittings and barrier rope fittings to complement - see below). These connect to the fence posts and you merely run the rope through them.

What you need..

Now follow these simple steps:

  1. First we need to create our fence line. Place 2 stakes tied together with strings in the ground to mark the start and end point of the fence. Mark where you want to place each fence post with spray paint or another sign.
  2. Next, we have to dig the holes for our posts. Make each post hole listed below the frost line. Normally, this is at least 4 feet deep.
  3. Put some gravel at the very bottom of the post hole, this is best done with a shovel. This allows water to drain away from your fence post and will actively assist with preventing rot. Once complete, put your place your post into its hole. Make sure the post is straight - ideally using a spirit level. Fill any gaps in the hole with dirt and then pack the dirt around the post, so the post is secure. Construct a mound of dirt around the top of the post hole so water escapes from the post.
  4. Measure the amount of rope you need. Enable slack between posts and for knots. Figure out where the mid-point of the fence is as well as the mid-point of the rope. It's simpler to start in the centre and work toward either end.
  5. Use decking rope fittings to attach your barrier rope from post to post (you can also tie knots if you prefer but aesthetically, our decking rope fittings are much prettier on the eye :-). Attempt to keep a similar amount of slack in the rope between posts. 
  6. You're done!

Tip: To see how easy it is to attach our fittings to barrier rope, watch the video below! 

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