About Us

Ride The Waves Chandlery is a family run Limited business. We have traditionally sold marine and yachting equipment for nearly two centuries. We only supply the very best quality marine equipment to our boating enthusiasts.

We are now one of the UK's fastest growing on-line marine and chandlery distributors with arguably the largest stocks of its kind in the UK. For many years we have stocked and sold marine hardware in galvanised and stainless steel such as anchors, chains and shackles.We also sell mooring assemblies, anchor kits and marine quality rope along with many more boat deck fittings.

Over the last 10 years, we have expanded our knowledge and our stock with electrical boating equipment. Items such as boat switches, circuit panels, bilge pumps, auto float switches, GPS equipment, navigation lights, handrailing sytems,polished stainless steel tube, and other misc. navigation equipment are also available in our on-line shop. We also stock buoyancy aids, including buoyancy jackets, buoys, lights, fishing vests and children's buoyancy jackets.

We have aimed to consistently move with the times and believe that we can supply whatever you need. If you cannot find what you require from our on-line shop, then please leave it with us and we will source for you the best quality item, at an affordable price.

“You will benefit from our expertise”
Our product selection is chosen by experienced boating people for boating people. So you can always be assured of finding what you need for your boat. You will also notice that we continue to offer value for money and as always you will find genuine discounted products throughout. Not to mention the usual array of special offers and new products.