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Ride The Waves have been supplying rope to the public for the best part of a decade. We have become the world wide number 1 supplier of both rope and fittings on the internet.

Part of the reason we have been so successful, is that we're always finding out and working on new ways we can work with rope.

rope wall installed in an office in the UK

In January, we were contacted by a well known office interior designer, enquiring about our rope. They wanted to incorporate a bespoke, rope wall to act as a divider in a brand new, up-market office block. They also wanted one our teams to install the new rope wall divider. We obliged and successfully installed their rope wall.

Rope wall installation

If you have a nice open space that you want to ooze with pizaz but still act as an area definer and remain functional, you really cannot go wrong with our rope wall products and rope wall installation services. A rope wall divider is fantastic for big rooms, that are used for a few purposes but you still want the space to feel open, accessible and look absolutely amazing.

Rope wall installtion - showing the bottom fittings and ceiling fittings

We can provide you with a full rope wall installation and supply service. We have specialist carpenters that have extensive experience with the design, partitioning and install of rope walls in offices, homes and even exhibitions. If you have an open space, we can provide a rope wall divider or rope wall partition.

Our customers have been thrilled with how their rope walls came together and how they elegantly divide up their open spaces in a functional, pretty and cost effective manner.

Our rope is the best value rope you will find anywhere on the internet, especially when purchased via a coil and we absolutely cannot be beaten on range or price when it comes to our cup end fittings (it's our items in all of the pictures you see on this page).

Rope Wall divider

A rope wall is an excellent way to divide your space. It keeps it functional but gives a modern and fresh look, allowing light in but also acting as a barrier. 

A rope will divider is simple but elegant and they look fantastic in many different environments. We have had enquiries and purchasers from the following sectors:

  • Restaurants
  • Night Clubs/Bars
  • Offices
  • Interior designers
  • Architects
  • Even domestic clients that have their front doors open into their lounge - they have used a rope wall to act as a divider/ rope wall partition, giving the impression of a porch, without losing the space.

Not much space? A rope wall partition could be exactly what you need...

We recently worked with a small, open layout office that was less than 600 sq ft in size and had a tiny hall. This particular company had several staff, that all had their own desks and workstations and spending time together and sharing ideas was (and still is) important to them.

When we were discussing their reasons for wanting an rope wall partition, it was so that they could still have that open communication and discussion, but also because of the joint mess and for the requirement for them to have an individual space.

The organising of a small office is crucial. You don't want big thick walls taking up space (or the extravagant costs!). A rope wall partition will deliver minimal material and use of space but will also deliver maximum impact!

DIY rope wall construction

Fancy having a go at building your rope wall? No problem - you can purchase everything you need below!

The true cost will be your time and labor - it is not a difficult process but it is a very repetitive procedure BUT the results are pretty spectacular (not that we are bias or anything).

The construction procedure is pretty simple. Order your lengths of rope and fittings (see our products below) allowing for the fitting to hold the rope in place, nice and tight. The fittings finish off the rope nicely giving everything a clean, crisp, professional look.

Check out our rope wall products below:

Rope Wall

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