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Ride The Waves are the UK's number one supplier of boat cleats in the UK. A boat cleat is a device that is used for securing a rope and as ropes are an integral part of boating - boat cleats are just as much of a necessity.

We stock and sell lots of different types of boat cleat. Some are more popular and used more than others - we stock a range of sizes to suit and cater to all of our customers.

A popular expression used throughout the world - but is fantastically apt for the boating world is: "You're only as strong as the weakest link". It doesn't matter if you are utilising a cleat for docking, towing a dinghy, mooring or securing a halyard - a boat cleat is absolutely intrinsic for all of the above.

We stock marine grade boat cleats, black plastic boat cleats and stainless steel boat cleats. Stainless steel boat cleats have the greatest tensile strength of all the boat cleats that we sell.

Selecting the material of your boat cleat will mostly depend on the purpose of what you will be using your cleat for (read this article for more advice about how to choose the best cleat for your boat); a small cleat may be used as an aesthetic accent, but you would only be suitable to hang something like a fender from it. Where as, a sturdy steel boat cleat with a backing plate would be suitable for main bow or stern dock lines.

Ensure that you purchase a boat cleat that is strong enough for the purpose of which you intend it for - you can't really go wrong with a stainless steel boat cleat - they're incredibly strong and they look absolutely fantastic for any part of your boat.

What size boat cleat do I need?

Working out what size boat cleat that you require is fairly easy to workout. The size of cleat that you require will depend on the size of your line and the size of your line will depend on the size of your boat.

  • It is important that you place your boat cleats at regular intervals along the port and starboard of your boat.
  • You should have as a minimum - three boat cleats per side.
  • The more cleats that you install (within reason) - the better!

4.5" boat cleats | 6" boat cleats | 8" boat cleats | 10" boat cleats

We have a range of 4.5 inch, 6 inch boat cleats, 8 inch boat cleats and 10 inch boat cleats including marine grade stainless steel boat cleats in a range of designs including:

  • 2 hole decks
  • Trimline 4 hole cleats
  • yacht cleats
  • Skene cleats
  • Dinghy cleats
  • Black plastic boat cleats
  • Handed bow boat cleats
  • Straight boat cleats
  • Ship deck cleats
  • Cross Bollard boat cleats
  • Mounted pull up boat deck cleats
  • Heavy duty oval boat cleats

Decking rope goes hand in hand with boat cleats - click here to see our full range of decking rope!

Watch the video below for tips on how to tie your cleat:

Check out our full collection of boat cleats below:

Boat Cleats

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1 X 6" Polished Stainless Wing Boat Cleat Yacht Cleat

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2 X 4.5" Polished Stainless Boat Cleats Yacht Cleats

Cleats Fairleads Bollards

2 X 6" Polished Stainless Boat Cleats Yacht Cleats

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2 X 7" Polished Stainless Boat Cleats Yacht Cleats

Cleats Fairleads Bollards