Narrowboat equipment

Narrowboat equipment

The UK's largest stockist of narrowboat accessories

Here at ride the waves, we have the largest stock list of narrowboat equipment and we ship nationwide and worldwide. Our prices will not be beat. Couple that with our rapid deployment and delivery and you have the UK's number one narrow boat equipment supplier.

Our location is central to the West Midlands placing us close to all the major motorway networks. This enables us to provide priority shipping and delivery. If you need your narrowboat equipment and accessories quickly at great prices - there really is no company better placed to deliver service you want and expect.

We stock all of the most popular narrowboat accessories and equipment, guaranteeing your time on the canal is everything you want it to be. We currently stock:

  • Narrowboat circuit boards
  • Cabin fittings
  • Rope fittings
  • Narrowboat hooks and holder
  • Narrow boat switches
  • Narrow boat anchors

We never drop-ship. Ever. We do this because we want your online purchasing to be stress and pain free, if you need to find out where your narrowboat accessory is - you only need to contact us and we can inform you on the spot. Need to return an item? No problem, you only ever deal with us. We stock everything in our large warehouse (located in the West Midlands)! The whole process really couldn't be ANY easier..

Narrowboats - they're a British institution!

Narrow boats are as British... as well - GREAT BRITAIN! The very first narrow boat were initially constructed in the Eighteenth century and were utilised for ferrying products, goods and supplies on "narrow" canals (hence the term "narrowboat".

Narrowboats were and continue to be extremely popular in regions where there are extensive canal systems and routes (take a look at this website to find out where some of the UK's best canals and rivers are). In this day and age, narrowboats are more commonly used for recreation, holidays and even homes- and why not? You can have all the creature comforts of a house right on your narrowboats, including cookers, TV's, toilets and even gardens and vegetable and perennial patches! You can have a different view every night and no noisy neighbours!

If you own a Narrowboat and are looking for norrowboat equipment, you've come to the right place!

We also have a range of excellent boat cleats available that will look great on your narrowboat.

Watch the video below to see how you can save space on your narrowboat:

Take a look at some of the amazing deals we have on below!

Narrowboat equipment

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