Kayak anchor

Kayak anchor

An anchor is essential for any kayak. Principally the two reasons for using a kayak anchor is:
  • The first and most obvious reason is to stop your kayak. Using your kayak anchor to stop your boat is done for many reasons:
    • Swimming
    • Fishing
    • To have something to eat and drink
    • Maybe you want to settle for a short time to take in a stunning view!?!
  • The second and more important reason to use a kayak anchor would be the stop you from sailing into bad weather!

Kayaking has become extremely popular in recent years and is a much more cost-effective way to get you sailing in the water. Kayaks were originally created thousands of years ago by inuits in far north artic regions of our beautiful planet.

They created Kayak's using drift wood and it has been found that they even improvised and used the skeleton of a dead whale to construct the the frame of the kayak and seal skin was often implemented to create the body of a kayak.

The word Kayak actually translates to "hunters boat", so you can bet that those same Inuits were using a kayak anchor all those millenia ago to hunt for fish! One thing we can guarantee though - their kayak anchors were not stylish, perfectly designed anchors that we provide here at ridethewaves.co.uk!

Here at the Ride the Waves, we like to provide our customers with choice and value for money. We offer a fantastic range of steel kayak anchors with our premium model kayak anchor being made out of marine grade stainless steel.

We even have anchor key rings - they make a great gift for the boating enthusiast ;-)

Please take a look below at our wonder range of Kayak anchors. Order online today for delivery to your front door.

Kayak anchor

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