24mm Decking Rope

We sell a variety of 24mm decking rope starting from as little as £1.70 per metre.

Our 24mm decking rope is made from a natural fibre with a strong, three strand construction. It is reliable, extremely tough and hard wearing and is excellent value for money and with our large range to choose from - you'll find your perfect 24mm decking rope.

Our range of 24mm decking rope is ideal for all sorts of decking. It is also important to state that our rope ranges have accurate diameters and sizes. Our ropes are stable, strengthened and don't rot - making it perfectly suited as decking rope and suited to outside projects because of its coupled natural looking appearance and its amazing durability.

Our 24mm decking rope have superb ability to resist sunlight, very little stretch and great knot retaining capability and as such is also suitable to be used as a barrier rope.

We stock all sizes and types of rope fixings. Our 24mm decking rope is available In Chrome and Brass. We can even make up a rope system to suit your needs. Please Contact Us.

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24mm decking rope

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