Decking Rope

Decking rope

Here at, we stock and supply a variety of decking rope that can be utilised for a variety of things both for your boating needs and as a garden decking rope.

Decking rope is commonly used in the shipping community for mooring boats, for lashing and for handling cargo. Used for its strength, diversity and multi-use. Decking rope is used throughout the boating industry. We stock and sell lots of different rope including:

  • Standard ropes
  • Heat shrink sealed
  • Whipped end
  • Soft loop splice
  • Hard eye decking rope

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We also supply a range of sizes and lengths including:

Most of our customers purchase decking rope to be used when docking their boats, using the rope in conjunction with boat cleats in order to tie up their boats.

Synthetic hemp decking rope

Ride The Waves are one of the largest stockist and suppliers of synthetic hemp rope. Unlike some of our competitors we stock both natural sisal rope and synthetic rope.

Synthetic hemp rope is also widely known as: hempex of poly hemp rope. Synthetic hemp rope is popular because of its durability and very strong man made fibres. It won't rot! As a result, it's a very attractive alternative to sisal rope for outdoor uses such as garden and ship decking. It looks natural in its appearance and has unrivalled durability.

It's available below from only £2.59 per metre - you will not find this cheaper anywhere else, worldwide! You can also purchase bulk orders straight off the coil at 220 metres in length with a range of diameters available from 6mm through to 36mm synthetic hemp rope. 

Garden Decking Rope

Our ropes are also frequently used as garden decking rope. Once again, for a variety of uses - such as:

Deck hand railing

Your decking can be transformed when using our garden decking rope as a beautiful deck hand rail. It also acts as a safety measure!

A decking rope handrail will make your garden and decking stand out in all the right ways. They're also the perfect safety measure by making things safer for both children and pets.

Decking posts - you can use our ropes to implement a boundary. This will protect your children or pets from either falling or accessing certain parts of your garden.

Other uses for our decking rope

Decking rope is also used for other popular uses - such as:

Watch the video below on how to install a rope railing!

Check out our full range of decking rope below:

Decking Rope

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