Stainless steel eye plates

Stainless steel eye plates are fantastic for a range of applications. Stainless steel make them excellent for all manner of outdoor activities.

Eye plates are most commonly used on ships due in part to our marine grade steel withstanding very well against salty sea spray.

Steel eye plates

We ensure that our eye plates are constructed from the very best marine grade steel. Our stainless steel eye plates are fantastic in any marine environment whether on a fishing boat or a super yacht.

Our eye plates aren't just great for use in a marine environment. Many of our customers have used them to attach punch bags to their ceilings (this should be done by a professional, each ceiling has a differing amount of resistance to differing weights - so proceed with caution). 

We have also sold our eye plates to gyms where they have used them for various applications including resistance bands or securing rope to walls for various exercise applications.

Other popular uses of stainless steel eye plates:

We have a large range of styles available including eye plate rings, round staple eye plates, square eye plates plus much more.

Our prices and customer service will not be beaten! If you want to purchase stainless steel eye plates in bulk - get in touch for a custom quote by calling: 0121 457 7455 or visiting our trade page here.

Stainless steel eye plates

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