Decking rope fittings

Decking rope (and rope in general) can be wonderfully and beautifully completed at either end with chrome, stainless steel or brass decking rope end fittings. Our fittings are solid and the fixing plates look fantastic and will do a wonderful job attaching any rope securely and tidily to a post. 

If you thread your rope through a post, each side of the post can be exquisitely finished with an attractive decking rope end fitting. Our hook and eye fittings will deliver a classy touch for when a barrier needs to be removed for the purposes of entry.

When purchasing a chrome or brass rope end fitting, it doesn't just enhance the look and feel of the rope but it will also enhance the life-span of your decking rope.

Although a brass and chrome rope end fitting plate is best suited to be used with a 24mm thick rope, smaller-sized diameters may also be used. believe that a snug fit between the rope and its end fitting is best. This can be achieved by tightly wrapping the end of the rope with tape to build it up.

We have lots of types of decking rope end fittings including:

We have a range of decking rope fittings that are suitable for different thicknesses and sizes of rope. We cater from 12mm all the way through to a 50mm thick rope. In short, has what you need in an online stockist of decking rope end fittings.

With hundreds of rope fittings in stock and prices starting from as little as £5.99 with lots of choice and variety - we will definitely have a rope fitting in stock to suit!

Do you need decking rope? Click here to view our full range of garden decking rope.

What are decking rope end fittings used with?

  • Handrail rope
  • Barrier rope
  • Stair rope
  • Crowd Control rope
  • Decking rope
  • Newel posts

Our Premium quality solid cast rope fittings can be purchased in a elegant brass finish or with a mirror chrome plating, and are suited to 24mm - 50mm ropes. These are available in many different designs. 

Check out our video below to see how easy our fittings are to attach to decking rope!


Decking rope fittings

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