Stair rope fittings

Ride the Waves sell superior quality stair rope fittings. We have the largest selection available anywhere on the internet. We have a large selection of materials and finishes to choose from including: Pick from brass, chrome, brushed satin or a gun metal finish. Our fittings are available for 24mm and 36mm diameter of rope.

Our fittings are designed specifically to be used for staircase and wall supports, perfect for both stair ropes and rope hand rails. We provide you with the fixing screws that you'll need.

Each of our stair rope fitting has a centre screw set through the rope which is secured in a threaded hole at the top of the fitting - this ensures the stair rope hangs evenly and does not slip when utilised for support. It likewise prevents chafing and therefore extends the life of the rope.

Stair rope handrail fittings

Our stair rope fittings have been designed for handrail usage. They are a high spec providing outstanding resistance to corrosion and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. You will not find a better choice of range or value for money anywhere else.

Check out our range of stair rope fittings below:


Stair rope fittings

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24mm Quality White Cotton Stair Bannister Rope Soft Handrail Barrier Rope 20 MTR

Stair & Bannister Rope & Fittings

£162.00 £180.00