24mm Quality White Cotton Stair Bannister Rope Soft Handrail Barrier Rope 5 MTR

Product Description
  • High quality cotton rope. 24mm Diameter. 1 X 5 METER LENGTH
  • Cotton ropes have a wide variety of uses. They are a very popular material for games, tying, wrapping, covering, knotting, weaving and crafts. Braided cotton cords are also often used in the field of design and fittings, for window decoration, labelling, ambient design, at trade fairs, stalls, in hotels, bars and discos. Cotton cords are also used in the home and garden as well as for recreational and outdoor activities.
  • Cotton ropes are considered very gentle to the skin (they do not "scratch")
  • Cotton ropes can be knotted very well and are easy to wash.
  • We Have Lots Of Sizes Available And All The Fittings In Many Styles And Materials Listed.

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