Barrier rope

Barrier rope can be used for a number of applications and we have customers that purchase our barrier rope products from many walks of life - including:

  • Boat owners
  • Museums
  • Night clubs
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Exhibitions
  • Gardening enthusiasts that use barrier systems to segment their gardens and use them to stop pets and children etc
  • Unauthorised access prevention

Barrier rope can used to help guide your visitors and customers in a certain direction and also help to keep waiting lines and ques much more organised.

The more traditional uses of rope barriers are outlined below (this is not an exhaustive list and barrier rope can be used for limitless applications):

Retractable barrier rope

Most people will experience retractable barriers at the airport, where they are used to control big ques and also maintain the flow of pedestrian flow in an effective manner. We sell a range of rope barrier systems in differing rope lengths and end fittings including:

  • Hook plate barrier rope - ranging in sizes upto 3 metres long
  • Cup plate barrier rope - ranging in sizes upto 3 metres long

Crowd control barrier rope

Crowd control is required across lot's of industries whether that be banking, museums, night clubs, car showrooms or exhibition stands. Our extensive range of barrier ropes are high quality, value for money and all come with free delivery.

Our barrier rope systems are perfect for your crowd control needs.

Queuing rope systems

We have an unrivaled range of ropes to help businesses and organisations manage and control their customer queues and prevent access to restricted areas. 

Having an effective management for your customer queues is increasingly important in today's busy areas. We have customers ranging from airports to boat owners.

Please take a look at our barrier rope products below. If you require a custom solution - please do get in touch.



Complete barrier rope systems

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